German Woman “Suffocated Boyfriend With Her BOOBS During S*X”

A lover has appeared in court accused of trying to suffocate her boyfriend with her BOOBS. Karin Hoffer is accused of forcing her boyfriend’s head into her breasts as they made love.

A court heard that Andreas Koller struggled to breathe as he was attacked during sex.

Prosecutors say when he did break free from her chest, Karin, 33, then tried to strangle him with her hands.

She was charged with GBH after the alleged attack in Unna, Germany.

Judges suspended the case when defence lawyers told the court that the accused had suffered “psychological trauma” and was unfit to stand trial.

Andreas Koller told the court: “I really did love her with all my heart”.

He added: “What she needs isn’t a sentence, but proper psychiatric therapy”.

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  1. Iyke says:

    A beg u 2much. i no belive ur story bros.

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