Goldie Harvey’s Burial Picture – Goldie’s Corpse laid to rest

Goldie Harvey’s Burial Picture / Corpse Picture – The Burial Ceremony of Goldie Harvey is on going at Vaults & Gardens, Ikoyi.The ceremony started at exactly 10am as announced by the family members. It is a private funeral for which close friends, associates and Family have attended.

People have been allowed to have the final glimpse at Goldie’s Corpse though Cameras are not being allowed. ..

A Tribute was  written by her husband, Andrew Harvey.

Andrew said, “Susan you walked into my life. It was like God sent you as a fresh breath. I still remember your response to my first love message. You said, ‘Love killed Romeo, sent Diana to an early grave and killed jack on the Titanic, forget about love, just have friendship and live long.’

“Over time our love grew to a depth I have never known. You were the best years of my life, your smile, your desire to live your dream.” Goldie died on February 14, 2013 of cerebellar haemorrhage and hypertensive heart disease. Rest in Peace ..

Goldie Harvey’s Burial Picture

It was sunset thiis morning at the Ikoyi Private Vault in Ikoyi beside the Federal Radio Corporation Obalende as the body of music star. Goldie Harvey corpse was finally laid to rest amidst tears from love ones and fans.

The  MIC hearse bearing the body arrived the venue at some minutes past 10am,led by a selected few friends at the head was,President Kennis Music ,Kenny Ogungbe.

The coffin was carried from the Hearse to the grave yard where a prayer was offered for the repose of the soul of the departed.The short ceremony ended with the dust to dust. Her husband was on hand to pour ashes into the grave.

Mr Harvey who was erroneously said to have been refused VISA into the country was on hand to perform his last duty to his wife whom he married in 2006. Goldie’s corpse burial today was shrudded in complete secret. According to investigation,the family wanted to make the event a solemn and quiet affair. was only informed this morning of the event by Mr Kenny Ogungbe himself through a text message. We were just one of the few privileged media houses that were invited to the ceremony that had less than fifty people in attendance.The gate to the venue was water tight,several people who got wind of the event and tried to gate crash were politely turned back.

Several members of the Entertainment industry who ordinarily would have love to attend also were not aware of the event.After the short ceremony, her coffin was lowered and covered.In attendance were some notable media and showbiz personalities.

Goldie Harvey’s Burial Picture

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  1. Chopwizzy says:

    Unto sand we came & unto sand we shall return. Vanity vanity, wat a sad end, had she known she would have repented but everything works out 4 good 4all who fear God.

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